LIFE coaching

 75 min virtual sessions

"Awaken your spirit to adventure;
 hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
 soon you will be home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world that awaits you."


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Does this sound like you?


You've tried a lot of different healing modalities and practises, but the results never seem to last.


You're tired of feeling stuck, misled and left wondering what your purpose really is.


You wish you had the confidence to show up more fully in life.


You're longing for deeper and more meaningful connections.


You wonder why you keep experiencing the same thing in different situations and relationships.


You have a certain issue that you just can't seem to get past. 



empower your inner spark

You no longer have to feel stuck, lost in a cycle of stress, anxiety or hopelessness. By simply welcoming the guidance of the Enneagram, you can gain clarity for your life journey and attract an abundance of possibilities and love. 

The truth is–the answers to your burning questions are much, much closer than you realize. 

You came in to this world with everything you'll ever need already inside you. With curiosity and compassion, you can unlock endless possibilities for who you are now and who you are destined to become.

Now is 
your time

Don’t hold yourself back any longer. The Enneagram invites you on a journey of true  transformation, it grants you a fresh beginning and an opportunity to shine brighter than ever before. 

The shift in energy, nagging thoughts or rollercoaster of emotions you’ve experienced lately is NOT a coincidence. It’s a call from the depth of your being, and all you need to do to free yourself from doubt and distraction is follow it.

I’m here to help you take that next step.

By diving into the profound wisdom of the Enneagram and understanding your unique type structure, we'll unveil your key areas of growth. As you absorb our findings and apply intentional practices to each of these parts, you will create a life of great purpose.


Become Self-Aware

You are you for a reason, and you belong. This isn’t about fixing or changing you–it’s about embracing each layer of your being so you can live with more truth and joy.


face your shadows

Your inner shadow is a part of you that is unconsciously rejected and poses a threat to the Ego. Ignoring it leads to self-sabotage, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Shadow work promotes self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassion to reveal the most vibrant and authentic version of ourselves. To reach our fullest potential, we must be willing to acknowledge our shadows.


Enhance Your Relationships

Clarity about your Enneagram type will come with refreshed insights and compassion for all connections around you and openness for new wonderful relationships to enter your life.


Define & Pursue Your Purpose

As you reach the core of your type structure you will begin to reconnect with your True Nature, the Essence of who you really are. This will help you recognize what truly matters to you and initiate a plan of action to move in the right direction.

This is your Invitation to Discover your 

True Self.

The Enneagram beckons us when we're ready, and there's no better time to embark on your transformational journey.

Our time together will illuminate this opportune moment in your life and guide you towards a mindset that welcomes personal growth and transformation.

Six 75-Minutes Virtual Sessions 

The gift of technology allows us to eliminate physical space between us for intimate and convenient sessions.

Customized coaching 

Your sessions will be centered around your unique enneagram type and I will use your deep inner wisdom as our primary guide.


Join me for
a magical transformation


(Regular price for a single 75 min session is $120 CAD).


What would I need to bring to the sessions?

After securing your virtual session in my calendar, you’ll receive an exciting email from me with ideas on how you can prepare to get the most out of our time together!

what is your style of coaching?

I’m not here to fix you or tell you what to do - there is nothing wrong with you! You are a whole being who already have the answers you need. My job is to offer support, guidance and a safe space for you to access your inner knowing, discover your limiting patterns and beliefs and practice new ways of showing up in your life. This is not a quick fix but an eye-opening transformation that unveils your truest nature and a life of genuine fulfillment.

how is your approach different?

Our personality patterns, past traumas, beliefs and truth live in our bodies. The problem is most of us live in our heads and are more or less cut off from the infinite well of wisdom that our bodies hold.

When we rely on knowledge alone, no matter how insightful, we don’t achieve lasting change. The somatic coaching approach I use helps you access wisdom beyond your mind and then embody what you learn. This is how we achieve real transformation.

Do I need to have any prior enneagram knowledge?

Not at all! I will meet you wherever you are on your path. If you are knew to the Enneagram I will begin by explaining the system and help you discover your type.

what if i already know my type?

Excellent!  We start where you' are. The Enneagram provides a life long journey. There is always more insights to gain. 

can we continue after six sessions?

Yes absolutely! Six sessions is my minimum requirement to get started. After that you are welcome to add one session at a time or continue with another package of 6 or 12 sessions.

Align with yourTruth

on the agenda 
for your virtual sessions


knowing your type

We’ll begin by exploring your Enneagram personality type and subtype, which will give you clear insights into your life journey up until now.


Embarking on your unique path

Your type reveals which path on the Enneagram map is laid out for you. I’ll help you navigate and begin guiding you beyond your personality.


shining a light in the dark

As we navigate your inner landscape we will meet your Core Belief, Passion and Fixation, Inner Critic,  and other personality patterns. Each encounter is done with compassion and curiosity. 


widening your trail

After getting to know your core personality structure, we'll set out on a quest to release its grip on you and embrace new ways of showing up. We'll acquaint your wings and arrows. 


practices for continued growth

You will receive customized practises and journaling questions to continue your journey at home and in your life.

Each session is unique to the person. 

Since our time together is designed for you, it’s important to come with any questions that have been lingering on your mind and in your soul. There will be time reserved to explore these answers.

Your virtual sessions will gift you with...

Feelings of inner strength and a major boost in energy.

The motivation and mindset to overcome any challenge ahead.

An illuminated vision of your highest potential to fuel you with inspiration.

A visceral set of skills allowing you to be more present in your journey.

Confidence and purpose as you move forward through your life.

Let me help you find your magic.

Unlocking our true potential begins with understanding ourselves. The Enneagram brings awareness to the core of who we are, allowing us to identify and journey away from self-defeating patterns and limiting beliefs in order to create deep personal and spiritual growth that radiates outward into meaningful connections. With its profound insights, this powerful system can help unlock a life full of meaning, magic and purpose!

kind words from clients

“The strategies you gave me were so effective in overcoming my anxiety and everything went so smoothly that I almost forgot how nervous I had been to go [to the event]! It was EPIC! So I wanted to share how much that meant to me, and how much I appreciated how much you were able to help. In our short time together, I’ve learned so much about myself and feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’m looking forward to continuing our Enneagram / coaching sessions and I really appreciate everything.”

—Nicole McGillis 

“The whole experience was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Possessing a willingness to be open and allow someone to truly be heard is a really powerful thing. Anna fully embodies that. She is the real deal. My questions were always welcomed and answered efficiently. She was so open to making it the best possible experience for me.”

—Christy Mills

“When I decided to work with Anna, I wanted to experience deeper self love and connection with myself. The Enneagram made me realize the perfection of who I am and how my challenges were actually normal for my type. I have learned more about myself and how to balance the different aspects of my personality. I am also much more in tune with my emotions and my feelings, and my intuition has opened up in a way I never thought it would be possible. As a result, I am a better partner, friend, leader and business owner.”

—Mélissa Mayor

“When I started working with Anna, I had some experiences that had me in a bad place mentally. I needed change and Anna was able to help me process my thoughts and feelings.  After our sessions, I am so much more aware of my feelings, habits, strengths and weaknesses which allows me to continually improve on myself.  I am simply a better version of myself and I have gained knowledge and tools to continue improving! Our sessions have been the most enjoyable and productive out of any counsellors/coaches that I've ever seen. My son, significant other, family and friends can all confirm that our relationships have improved. I am much more self confident and truly happier on a daily basis.”



Anna Paniak

I’ve always been infinitely curious about psychology and spirituality. A love for diving deep into the mysteries of our existence has evolved into a passion for helping others understand where they fit in the universe and how they can reconnect with who they truly are and create a beautiful life. 

As a professional coach, inner journey guide, and Enneagram educator, I'm  deeply dedicated to helping my clients create lasting transformation through an intuitive and somatic approach. 

I believe that we're all on this planet to grow in compassion and love. There is truly nothing more important than learning to love on a deeper level. For many of us, it starts with learning to love ourselves.

The Enneagram offers us a fast-track to accelerated growth and deep healing. 
Learn how you can use this magic to achieve your deepest desires.